A complete experience

The Location

Paredes de Coura unites nature, adventure, gastronomy, history and culture. All the ingredients to provide a unique experience! Check out a small sample of what you will find when you arrive here.


The Portuguese gastronomy is a true cultural heritage of the country. The most ancient traditions represent the country’s identity and are celebrated by those who are lucky enough to experience them.

We believe that eating and drinking is much more than just feeding our bodies, it also means feeding our souls and is clearly part of the way we welcome people.

A typical Minho’s meal is very diverse: vegetables from our own land, meat from animals raised at home and fresh fish from our rivers and oceans are cooked on countless dishes always accompanied by a great wine.

You can enjoy a genuine Portuguese gastronomic experience at our partner Restaurante Bom Retiro, where you can also find a special Pilgrim’s Menu and vegetarian dishes. We offer free transportation every night!


Every August, our village becomes the venue of one of the Europe’s greatest rock festival: Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival! This brings to Portugal artists and bands specially selected for those who love this musical genre. The festival changes the village routine and the streets become full of people and cultural activities.

If August is dedicated to music, September is all about food, vegetarian food! The Paredes de Coura Vegetariana International Congress is in its 4th edition and increasing its public every year. The Congress counts upon a pannel of national and international speakers who, amongst other topics, discuss the environmental impact of our food choices.

You can also enjoy the many activities at the Coura River from fishing to canoeing / rafting or if you are just looking for a relaxing experience at its beaches, River Coura isthea place to be in the summer!

What to visit

We are placed within the Portuguese Way of St. James (more specifically the Lima Way) which also contains the XIX Roman Route.

100 meters from our house you will find the Povoado Fortificado de Cossourado and you can also visit the 12th century Romanesque church dedicated to St. Peter (Igreja de São Pedro de Rubiães), the Roman-Medieval Bridge framed in a landscape of vegetation and the milestones, cylindrical elements that were used to mark the miles in the Roman military roads.

Other places to visit:

XIX Roman Route: Also known as the “Antonino’s Itinerary” this was the longest of the four routes in the Hispanic northwest; it was built to connect Braga and Astorga, both administrative capitals of the ancient Gallaecia.

Trilho dos Miliários: Marked rail according to the international rules which cross the natural and historic heritage of Paredes de Coura. Rail size: 11km // Estimated duration: 4h30 // Difficulty: Easy.

Casa Grande de Romarigães: 18th-century building famous for having been inhabited by the renowned Portuguese writer Aquilino Ribeiro (1885-1963) who wrote its homonym romance: “A Casa Grande de Romarigães”. –

Solar das Antas: Located 4km from us, this 18th-century building is famous for the stories about it, the most superstitious consider it is “haunted”.

Fuzelhas River Beach: What about relaxing near to the Coura River? With a well preserved natural environment, little explored by tourists, it is the perfect spot to enjoy with your family and/or friends.

We love to welcome you to Paredes de Coura!